I’m not really a fan of New Years’ resolutions. I used to be. I’d make all the same commitments most people make – to lose weight, become famous and disgrace myself in front of Chris Hemsworth at Elton John’s annual Oscars after-party…
But, and I realise this is shocking, those resolutions just never eventuated. Every time I made a plan for the year, shit got derailed and taken in a totally different direction (one day Chris, one day…).
So, this year, NO RESOLUTIONS. But of course, one HUGE goal – to bring Season 1 of THIRTY to life! Filming wrapped in December, and it was such a fun, frantic and stressful blur that I’ve kind of been like “Did that all happen?” Don’t worry, I checked: it did. And we somehow simultaneously managed to raise $10,621 through crowdfunding, thanks to a bunch of generous legends. Now we’re taking a momentary breather, as we prepare for editing to begin at the end of January.
It’ll be here before we know it, so of course I’m a crazy combo of excitement and shit-your-pants trepidation. I guess being Writer, Producer and Actor means there’s not one bit of this process that I’m not entirely emotionally invested in/overly critical of.
And, with so many of my friends and family members throwing their own coin behind the project (thank you!), I feel especially committed to making the series adequately awesome sauce. I spent the break being asked “How’s the web series going?”, “When do we get to see the web series?” and “Wait, you have sex scenes?!” All (mostly) lovely questions from people taking an interest in my work, but eeeeeeek, expectations.
Of course, I am also super excited. If you’re not familiar with how these things get made, here’s a bit of background – we don’t film scenes in sequence, so you can’t really get a sense of how it’s all going to come together until the first edit. I’m so keen to see what our fabulous Editor, Kate, does to the story, with guidance from our equally fabulous (need more adjectives), Director, Leah, in just a few weeks’ time.
Until then, I should really get my butt into gear and start working on the ‘Thank You’ song I promised all $50 donators to our crowdfunding campaign. What’s that, I hear you ask? “What were you thinking, Trish? You’re no T-Swizzle. Your song writing is limited to ‘The Donut Song’ and ‘The Poopie Song’ jingle, both of which shall never be mentioned again”.
All valid concerns… which should’ve been raised A MONTH AGO!!!!!!!!!!
God help me.