In your twenties, you think “I’ll know what I’m doing by 30”, but in reality:


a) your job sucks and your boss is a dick
b) your husband/partner has morphed into a hairy behemoth with an inability to find the
laundry basket
c) you’re single and wondering if you’ll ever find (or even want) someone to spend your life with
d) you’re not falling pregnant because it isn’t as easy as your high school teachers insinuated,
e) you’ve realised you’ll never afford to buy a house. Like ever. Thank you Baby Boomers!


And, suddenly, the stakes are higher, with marriages, mortgages, children and ticking clocks all

adding to the drama. THIRTY puts a lens on all of this and places women of all different

ethnicities, sizes and sexualities in the foreground.


It’s been written, produced and directed by women and features a bunch of fabulous female

characters. Why is this important? Because real women are drastically under-represented in

Australian media.

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